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MARÍN LAWYERS is a firm consisting of different legal professionals and legal advice based in the cities of Figueras, Gerona and Granada, born with a vocation to provide the best personal and professional service for the satisfaction of their interests and expectations.


ATTORNEYS MARÍN associate members have long experience of those who put their trust in and find the human and professional support you may need in all areas of law.


ATTORNEYS MARÍN is a multidisciplinary and highly specialized firm, and has professionals specifically dedicated to the practice of Civil Law, Matrimonial Law, Business Law, Labour Law, Tax Law, Criminal Law, Litigation and Administrative Law.


ATTORNEYS MARÍN serves both businesses and individuals, operates throughout the national territory and its various civil, matrimonial, commercial, labour, tax professionals and criminal litigators are at your disposal not only to solve potential conflicts, but also to avoid with application called Preventive Law of mediation, arbitration and conciliation.


Therefore, do not hesitate to contact MARÍN LAWYERS, although if your specifically issue is not mentioned and not found among the materials listed on this page, using the query service electronically or directly addressing any of its employees.

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