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Civil Law


Wills and Inheritances

Legitimate and Legacies

Negotiation and Recruitment

Public and Private Documents

Public and Private Contracts

Urban and Rural/Farm Leases

Rental Housing, Local and Businesses

Real Estate Consulting/Property Consultancy

Evictions and Occupations

Communities of Owners

Neighbouring Communities

Joint Property

Defects Construction Civil Buildings

Civil Liability of Construction

Advice on Insurance Law

Insurance Contracts

Traffic Accidents

Claims Insurance Companies

Consulting in Family Law

Divorce, Separations and Annulments Marriage

Quick Divorce

Divorce Express

Covenants/Control Agreements

Unmarried Couples/Cohabiting

Care and Custody

Legal Maintenance Obligation


Compensatory Payments/Maintenance

Claims for Payment

Unpaid Claims


Commercial Law


Civil Societies


Associations, Foundations and Cooperatives

Compensation and Conservation Boards

Negotiation and Contracting

Public and Private Documents

Public and Private Contracts

Scriptures and Public Records

Land Registry/Property Registration

Commercial Register

Claims for Payment

Unpaid Claims

Claim Bills

Claim Bills of Exchange

Claim of Promissory Notes and Checks

Real Estate Agents

Property Administrators

Business, Companies, Traders and Professionals Consultancy

Consultancy and Audit

Tax, Labour and Accounting Advice

Official Books and Annual Accounts

Patents and Trademarks

Trade Names and Industrial Designs

Advice Consumers and Users

Complaints Consumers and Users

Banking Law Advice

Bank Contracts

Loans and Credits

Mortgages, Unfair Terms and Preferred

Banks and Savings

Financial Institutions

Advice on Bankruptcy Law

Insolvencies, Bankruptcy and Creditors Contests

Bankruptcy Administrators


Tax Law


Tax Advice

Taxes, Fees and Special Contributions

IRPF, Income Tax of Individuals

IS, Corporate Tax

IVA, Value Added Tax

ITP and AJD, Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty

ISD, Inheritance and Gift Tax

IBI, Property Tax

Municipal gain

Tax on the Circulation of Motor Vehicles

Statements and Liquidations

Supplementary Declarations

Tax Management

Tax Audit

Tax Offences/Violations/Infringements

Tax Penalties

Tax Claims

Economic Administrative Claims

Administrative Resources

Cadastral Management


Labour Law


Employment Contracts

Payroll and Remuneration

Wage Claim

Claim Damage Work Accidents

Layoffs and Labour Sanctions

Files of Employment Regulation

Settlements and Severances

Certified Company

Wage Guarantee Fund

Substantial Change Working Conditions

Reduced Working Hours

Salary Reduction

Geographical and Functional Mobility


Wages Processing

Public Pensions and Benefits

Disability and Retirement

Reconciliations and Work Procedures

Human Resources

Prevention of Occupational Risks

Collective Agreements


Criminal Law


Crimes and Faults

Imprudence and Negligence

Traffic Accidents

Medical Malpractice

Crimes against Traffic Safety

Crimes against Public Health

Crimes against Property

Economic Crimes

Environmental Crimes



Litigation Law


Legal Proceedings

Civil, Criminal, Social and Administrative Litigation

Ordinary and Verbal Judgments

Trials for Payment and Executives

Eviction Trials

Matrimonial Processes

Separation, Annulment and Divorce Trials

Summary, Abbreviated and Quick Processes

Minor Procedures


Administrative Law


Administrative Procedures

Disciplinary Procedures

Processing of Licenses and Authorizations

Offences and Penalties

Administrative Fines

Negotiation with the Public Administration

Contracting with Public Administration

Patrimonial Liability of Public Administration

Town Planning and Environment

Compensation Boards

Conservation Boards


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